Fire Containment (Waste Stowage)

The Fire Containment Test of Waste Stowage Compartments is used to determine the fire containment capability of containers, carts, and compartments used to store combustible waste materials.

Test Procedures

  • FAA Fire Test Handbook, Chapter 10
  • Advisory Circular AC 25-17A

Test Description

The receptacle is filled with combustible materials simulating common aircraft waste (e.g. cups, napkins, utensils, etc.). The combustible materials are ignited and the unit is closed. After the resulting fire dies out, the test is terminated and the unit is examined for damage. The receptacle must contain the fire and prevent flames from escaping.

This test is typically used to show compliance with the following Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs):

    • FAR 23: 23.853(d)(1)
    • FAR 25: 25.853(h)
    • FAR 29: 29.853(d)

What Products Require This Test?

The following products typically require the Fire Containment Test of Waste Stowage Compartments:

    • Entree Carts
    • Meal Carts
    • Meal Boxes
    • Waste Carts
    • Waste Compartments