Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve provided some guidance in document IB-02 on our Resources page. Please note that flammability testing may be just one type of testing required for your product. Additional information may be found on the FAA website or by calling your local FAA office.

To order testing, click "Order Testing" in the navigation bar. After filling out the online form, you will be assigned a Test Request (TR) number. Reference this number when submitting test samples, build sheets, or other documentation. Further instructions can be found in document IB-03 on our Resources page.

Testing that does not require special witnessing is usually completed in 3 business days. If witnessing or other DER services are required, testing will usually complete in 5 business days.

You may login to our customer portal to see testing progress, communicate with us regarding ongoing tests, or to view test results.

Yes! We provide testing services to all countries allowable under U.S. law. Some other restrictions may also apply. Feel free to contact us with questions.

See document IB-05 on the Resources page for details on payment terms and options.

All samples should be labeled and sent as Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) through your shipping agent. You may add transit insurance coverage if you wish. We are not responsible for lost items during shipping.

All customers can access their test reports at any time through their customer portal, and have the option to print out the reports themselves if needed. We strive to conserve resources by greatly decreasing the amount of paper we use and by utilizing electronic documentation as much as possible. Additionally, we’re able to keep our prices lower by making hard copies of test reports an option only to those that require it.