Insulation Flame Propagation*

The Insulation Flame Propagation test is used to determine the flammability and flame propagation characteristics of thermal and acoustic insulation when exposed to both a radiant heat source and a flame.

Test Procedures

  • 14 CFR 23, Appendix F, Part II
  • 14 CFR 25, Appendix F, Part VI
  • BSS 7365

*Tested at our partner lab


Test Description

A test sample is placed horizontally into a chamber and exposed to both a radiant heat source and direct flame for 15 seconds. Flame time, burn length, and flame propagation are recorded. The pass/fail criteria is based on the flame time and burn length.

This test is typically used to show compliance with the following Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs):

    • FAR 25: 25.856(a)

What Products Require This Test?

The following products typically require the Insulation Flame Propagation test.

    • Thermal Insulation
    • Acoustic Insulation