Smoke Density*

The Smoke Density test is used to determine the smoke generating characteristics of cabin materials.

Test Procedures

  • 14 CFR 25, Appendix F, Part V
  • FAA Fire Test Handbook, Chapter 6
  • BSS 7238
Smoke density

*Tested at our partner lab


Test Description

A test sample is placed vertically into a chamber and exposed to either radiant heat (non-flaming mode) or a flame (flaming mode). The smoke density is measured in terms of optical density by analyzing the reduction of light transmission as the smoke accumulates.

This test is typically used to show compliance with the following Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs):

    • FAR 25: 25.853(d)

What Products Require This Test?

The following products typically require the Smoke Density test.

    • Interior Ceiling and Wall panels
    • Partitions
    • Galley Structure
    • Large Cabinets and Cabin Stowage Compartments